P1030313 (2)Welcome to the HydroEcology Lab!

I am an assistant professor in Agricultural and Biological Engineering at Mississippi State University as of January 2013.  My research interests include hydrology, ecology, modeling, watershed management, and climate change. My work crosses disciplinary boundaries through collaboration with a variety of departments including Law, Anthropology, Wildlife, and Forestry.  I work both locally and internationally with projects and collaborators throughout the southeast and in southern Africa.

Hydrology and ecology are inherently linked to each other and work together to shape our water supply and water quality as well as the habitat and food supply for fish and wildlife. Feedbacks between hydrology and ecology go both ways.  For example, hydrologic processes shape the physical characteristics of wetlands creating suitable habitat for specific plants and animals.  On the other hand, ecologic processes,  such as vegetation reinforcing streambanks, can determine hydrologic structure.

Our lab is dedicated to understanding the complex issues between hydrology and ecology with a committed interest in management issues.  We work toward responsible and sustainable solutions for today’s wicked ecologic and hydrologic problems.

Anna Linhoss Ph.D.
Assistant professor
Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Mississippi State University
Email: alinhoss@abe.msstate.edu 
Phone: (662) 325-3280
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